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ScruF Canada
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
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    Edmonton Alberta, Canada
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    Alba Therapies ScruF was created solely to enhance the shaving experience for men. A foamless Shaving Balm, Shaving Oil and Shaving Cooling Cream can be used separately or in combination depending on the day or the weather. AlbaTherapies created our Scruf product line using all natural products, starting with a smooth conditoning base and a fine blend of essential oils. Blended together for a refreshing feeling of smooth and break out free skin.

    We strongly believe ScruF will turn an everyday shaving experience into a enjoyable event.

    ScruF Shaving Balm
    Scruf Shaving Balm was made by blending only the finest essential oils with a smooth natural conditioning base. Leaving the skin filled with moisture and thoroughly cleansed. Scruf Shaving Balm allows the razor to glide easily over the face, creating far less drag along the skins surface and with it decreased skin irritation. The natural blend of peppermint, pine and tea tree oil leaves the skin soft, smooth and smelling fantastic.

    ScruF Shaving Oil
    ScruF Shaving Oil, is our attempt at going old school. Our mixture of essential oils in a carrier base of pure almond oil, can be used alone or alongside the Scruf Shaving Balm. A great way to quickly add moisture to the skin during the winter or to calm skin irritation. You can also apply a pre-shave oil as a first layer, underneath shaving creams , to help soften the beard and improve the quality of the shave.

    ScruF Cooling Cream
    ScruF Cooling Cream was created for that final finishing step in mind, most men forget the moisturising step in their shaving regime, Scruf Cooling Cream is made with the finiest essential oils, blended with vitamin E and Aloe butter into a fine natural cream base. We hope you will enjoy this product soo much you will never again forget to moisturise your face.
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